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Our History

Leading with Excellence ~ Serving with Grace

The Boston Chapter of The Links, Inc. is an organization with a long history of working in economically disenfranchised communities with a focus on ensuring the economic survival of individuals in those communities.

In 2018, The Boston Chapter entered into a new partnership with the Mother Caroline Academy (MCA) in Dorchester. Mother Caroline Academy is a private, independent, tuition-free school for girls in grades 4-8 from limited financial means with a mission to prepare girls of all faiths and backgrounds for success in competitive secondary schools and college. Originally created in the Catholic school tradition but now fully independent, the school recognizes the dignity of each person and their assets and values. The Academy emphasizes the importance of scholarship, leadership, spiritual, social and moral development. For 25 years MCA has been quietly doing the work to create a path out of poverty for low income girls and their families through education and support.

The Boston, MA Chapter of The Links Incorporated

Since we began partnering with schools in 2012, The Boston Links have generated hundreds of volunteer hours and more than $300,000 in funding to support local education initiatives.

The Links, Incorporated, founded in 1946, is a service organization with 17,000 professional members in chapters domestically and abroad. It is one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer organizations of women committed to enhancing the culture and economic survival of persons of African ancestry, and Links members contribute 1 million community service hours annually. The Boston Chapter of the Links, established in 1952, has a long history of partnering with local schools. 

The Boston, MA Chapter of The Links Incorporated - Our Founders

Photo History - Snapped at the home of President Esther Hawkins Wilson of Watertown, Mass. are charter members of the Boston Links Club, which was set up by Mrs. Ethel Lowry of the New York Chapter.


Left to right: Bali Schalk, Virginia Dabney, Mrs. Wilson, Amalia Gourdin. Standing: Betty Ghee of the New Jersey City Links, Florence Lewis, treasurer, Mrs. Lawry of New York, Lucy Mitchell, Lorena Cuzzens, secretary, and Gladys McAdoo - Bali Photo.

The Other Brahmins: Boston Black Upper Class, 1750-1950. Adelaide M. Cromwell, 1994.

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